Registration instructions

What you need before starting

To register your network you just need:

  • An Elcontrol device capable to push data on Energy Studio Manager cloud server; please, refer to your device instruction manual
  • A valid email address
  • A network name of your choice
  • A secret PIN of your choice

How to choose your network name

Please, choose your network name following few simple rules:

  • Maximum 30 characters
  • No spaces
  • Use only Letters, numbers and simple symbols like minus and underscore
  • Avoid special characters like @, #, /, &, % etc.

How to choose your PIN

Please, choose a secret PIN following few simple rules:

  • 4 digits
  • No spaces
  • Use only numbers
  • Avoid simple numberings like 0000 or 1234 etc.


Register your network

Click on Register your Network 

Insert your Network name

Insert your network name, a valid email address and you secret PIN (esm_magic field).

Confirm the captcha  and click Register.

NOTE: Network name and secret PIN must be reported in your device setup. Refer to your device instruction manuals

Retrieve your credentials

Check your email box; you will receive an email with login password confirmation.

You are now ready to login to Elcontrol Energy Studio Manager website to check your network data flowing.

Check your device Instruction manuals to start pushing data on Energy Studio Manager.